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VDMS Output


VDMS records over 200 dynamic variables during a simulation run. Click here to view a sample output list from the VDMS User's Manual. These variables are stored in the MATLAB workspace. The workspace also contains an echo of the input variables. From the workspace these can be:

  • Stored as a MATLAB .MAT file for future reference
  • Plotted using the VDMS Plotter, a set of pre-programmed MATLAB plots accessed through a GUI
  • Plotted using MATLAB's extensive plotting tools (user-written plots)
  • Analyzed using MATLAB's powerful computing features
  • Exported for analysis/plotting in a spreadsheet (or other) program

The recording interval of the output is controlled by a "decimation" setting in the input. Due to the fine integration step sizes required, it is often unnecessary to record output every timestep. The decimation feature conserves memory, increases the speed of the simulation and allows for faster plotting/analysis.

Plotter Main Menu The VDMS Plotter contains over 50 preprogrammed plots. These plots are accessed through a menu of buttons as shown at right. A list of available plots taken from a VDMS User's Manual can be accessed by clicking here.

Of course, the user may develop their own graphs using MATLAB's extensivie plotting capabilities. For convenience, the VDMS plotter contains 9 "hooks" for the user to add User-Defined Plots to the GUI.

Sample VDMS output plots are shown below (Click to Enlarge). These were produced by the VDMS plotter using the GUI. All plots are from the same simulation run.


State Variables.  Click to enlarge. Wheel Loads.  Click to enlarge.

Damper Forces.  Click to enlarge. Slip Angles.  Click to enlarge.

Roll Gradient.  Click to enlarge. Friction Grid.  Click to enlarge.


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