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Vehicle Dynamics for use with MATLAB/Simulink (VDMS) is MRA's newest comprehensive vehicle simulation program. VDMS shares equations of motion and other core code with MRA's VDS, MMM and LTS programs (benefiting from 30+ years of development and validation) while allowing the user to work in the popular MATLAB and Simulink environment.

Core program code is shared via use of compiled Simulink S-functions. The balance of the model is programmed in regular Simulink blocks (open, self-documenting source code). Thus, VDMS is an excellent tool for the development of user-specific features, in particular, the addition of active control elements. VDMS can be compiled for real-time or hardware-in-the-loop applications.

VDMS is run from the MATLAB command line and over 50 pre-programmed and user-definable plots are available from a GUI. The entire output (over 200 variables) is saved to the MATLAB workspace for further processing and plotting. VDMS can be run with both USCS (English) and SI (Metric) units.

MATLAB 6.0 (or later) and Simulink 4.0 (or later), available from The MathWorks, Inc., are required to run VDMS. MATLAB and Simulink are registered trademarks of The MathWorks, Inc. Visit The MathWorks website for more information on MATLAB and Simulink. VDMS is a part of The Mathworks Connections Program.

A working knowledge of MATLAB is required to use VDMS. Knowledge of Simulink is not required unless the user wishes to modify or add their own blocks (code) to the model.

Purchase of a VDMS license includes the VDMS program for use with MATLAB/Simulink, the GUI plotter, sample data files, a full day of training at MRA, a 100+ page User's Manual and support by MRA. MRA's intent is to ensure that the purchaser can take full advantage of the simulation.

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