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MRA leads training sessions for a variety of business groups. With MRA's wide experience and the material in the MRA Library, lectures are customized to the customer's requirements. Lecture notes exist on a variety of subjects and new lectures can be prepared on other topics if desired. Depending on the required scope, training sessions typically run for a day or two.

Several different MRA Associates are available to lecture, depending on the particular topics of interest. Our general practice has been to split the lecturing between two people. This gives some variety to break up an intensive day and also means that questions can be answered from more than one point of view.

The agenda for a recent day of lectures can be seen here. This particular agenda was developed for a Tier 1 supplier as a general introduction to vehicle dynamics for their corporate engineers.

Along with as the presentation, a full set of the lecture notes are typically included for distribution to the class. Often, Race Car Vehicle Dynamics is a suitable textbook and volume discounts can be arranged as part of a lecture package.

Please contact us and we will be pleased to discuss your training requirements and quote for this service.

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