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MRA performs technical projects, engages in consulting and licenses a number of proprietary computer programs.

Over the last 40+ years, we have performed a large number of projects for automobile and tire companies, racing teams and others. These include analytical studies, computer modeling, experimental instrumentation, prototype design/development, market/technical surveys, contract project engineering, feasibility studies and technical liaison.

We have, for example, project-engineered an "active camber" car, developed its control system algorithms and software, supervised the installation and associated instrumentation, performed a test program and analyzed the results. Along the same lines, we have developed control algorithms for an advanced front-and-rear steer-by-wire research vehicle; this work also involved the development of a specialized dynamic model of the vehicle.

For another firm, we designed/developed a handling instrumentation system for performing selected ISO handling test procedures with automatic data processing and plotting. At another level, we have completed computer studies of specific car handling using our proprietary software for more than 15 different firms.

Technical Projects:  MRA engages in technical projects like those mentioned above.

Consulting activity:  MRA offers its vehicle dynamics expertise as an independent consultant. Consulting often involves modeling and simulation on one of MRA's vehicle models, test driving, or reviewing the reports of others. As an example, Doug Milliken consulted for the magazine article "The 10 Best Handling Cars in America". Visit the Road & Track website to read his summary.

Computer Models/Simulations:  MRA develops and licenses four comprehensive vehicle models. Purchase of a computer model includes a thorough User's Manual, sample vehicle data, training at MRA and support.

Training Seminars:  MRA has conducted training seminars in basic vehicle dynamics and tire mechanics (including course notes) for numerous firms including Goodyear, Chrysler, Zexel-Gleason, Ford, MTS, New Venture Gear, TRW and Rockwell.

MRA Library:  Our library contains an excellent collection of material on vehicle dynamics and we often answer questions with a library search.

Sales:  We have engaged in sales commission work, notably representing Lotus Engineering (prototype Active Suspension vehicles) and Anthony Best Dynamics (Suspension Parameter Measurement Machines).

TIRF:  We plan, liaison and analyze tire tests at the Calspan Tire Research Facility, TIRF, for a number of automotive firms and race teams.

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