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Lap Time Simulation


LTS includes a number of interesting options and features. A representative listing is given below:


  • Open course with initial speed--for dragstrips, hillclimbs or partial circuit simulation
  • Closed course, automatic solution--determines performance on a cornering-limited circuit at maximum performance
  • Closed course, initial speed--standing or flying start (or restart) from a given point on a circuit
  • Closed course, 2 lap solution--for power-limited courses, uses first lap to set initial conditions for second lap
  • Wind Speed and Direction--LTS models a constant wind across the track

LTS Parameter Study Screen.  Click to enlarge. PARAMETER STUDY

Along with the single run interface, LTS provides a Parameter Study interface to batch run the solver, varying the value of any single parameter in the input files. Outputs are listed and may be viewed graphically. There are three options for the parameter study:

  • Range & Increment--Equally spaced values between a lower and upper bound
  • User-Defined Values--User input of values (may be unequally spaced)
  • Automated Optimum--Attempt to find value giving the minimum lap time (using the Golden Section Algorithm) between user supplied lower and upper bounds

The Parameter Study is an excellent tool for identifying trends, determining sensitivity to changes and, in general, making efficient use of LTS. In addition, LTS can also be run in a "batch mode" designed to facilitate the use of external (user proprietary) optimization or analysis routines.

LTS Parameter Study Screen.  Click to enlarge. STATIC WHEEL LOAD STUDY

Similar to the Parameter Study, the Static Wheel Load Study is another way to batch run the solver. This tool enables studies of static wheel loads by allowing combinations of fore/aft weight distribution, left/right weight distribution and diagonal weight (cross weight or wedge) to be compared. The user specifies bounds and an increment for each of the three variables. Output is given in tabular form and in multiple two-dimensional plots.


  • CVT Transmission option--excellent for initial determination of gears and axle ratio
  • Optimum Brake Balance option--excellent for determining compromise on fixed brake proportion
  • Driver Limits--the LTS driver can act as a "perfect" driver, able to control the vehicle during extremely unstable conditions (generally under hard braking). Several options are provided to degrade the driver performance to realistic levels.
  • Shift Time and Logic--user control of off-throttle shift time and minimum time in a gear. Car can coast through sections of the course and shift between points in the track data.


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