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Lap Time Simulation


In addition to lap time and average speed, LTS provides well over 100 outputs at up to 2000 locations around the track. Outputs include those analogous to on-board instrumentation as well as many vehicle parameters which cannot be directly measured on a real vehicle.

Outputs at each point on the track include:

  • Vehicle speed, accelerations and orientations
  • Wheel displacements, shock (damper) forces
  • Wheel steer angles, slip angles, inclination angles, rotational speeds
  • Aerodynamic outputs (forces, moments, apparent wind angle)
  • Tire forces and moments
  • Engine power, rpm, transmission gear
  • Local track conditions: bank, grade, elevation, surface friction
  • Usage Parameters--useful to tell if the front, rear or power are limiting performance

To view the output list from the LTS User's Manual click here.

Output from LTS is available in several forms:

  • ASCII text file
  • Spreadsheet Import Files
  • Pi V6 Software* output files (for use with Pi's "Import Data" feature)
    Pi Analysis sample.  Click to enlarge.
  • Competition Data System's TrackMaster* format (no "import" required)
    CDS TrackMaster sample.  Click to enlarge.

*Pi V6 Software is a registered trademark of Pi Research Ltd.
*TrackMaster is a registered trademark of Competition Data Systems, Inc.

LTS also has its own Windows-based plot program, Lap Time Graph (LTG). This utility plots LTS output against distance, time or location around the race course. Sample plots are shown below. The LTG program contains approximately 45 plots, many with multiple traces.

LTG sample, speed trace.  Click to enlarge. LTG sample, g-g diagram.  Click to enlarge.


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