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Lap Time Simulation


LTS is a comprehensive computer simulation which allows chassis designers and race engineers to investigate the effects of car, driver, tire and environmental variables on performance on a race course.

The program predicts a car's limit performance -- turning, braking, accelerating -- at each point on the race track subject to chassis, engine/transmission, aerodynamic, and tire data. The car's performance at any point on the track is subject to not only its past history, but also its future requirement for upcoming corners. A "perfect" driver or a driver who is unable/unwilling to use the total capability of the car can be modeled.

LTS Main Screen.  Click to enlarge. LTS is run via a Windows front end, shown at right, or through a DOS-box interface. Inputs are provided through a series of files which are, with small exceptions such as program control information, compatible with MRA's other comprehensive simulation programs. The vehicle model is lumped-parameter (making use of kinematics and compliance data), contains detailed engine/gearbox and aerodynamic representations, and allows for a fully asymmetric vehicle. Several options are provided for automating parameter studies of various car parameters.

Output from LTS includes lap time and average speed as well as over 100 vehicle variables at up to 2000 locations around the track. These variables are analogous to those measured with on-board instrumentation and include many which cannot be measured directly on a real vehicle. Several export formats are provided for analysis of the data with spreadsheet programs and popular data acquisition systems.

The ability to simulate (or predict) vehicle performance and handling lets the user study trends -- changes in performance resulting from setup changes. With LTS it is possible to try a wide variety of different configurations in a short time. A validated computer simulation makes it possible to run extensive parameter studies at a low cost when compared to track testing.

Given reliable input data, current LTS customers are using the model to generate car setups prior to race weekend.

Purchase of an LTS license includes the LTS program, the LTS Track utility, the LTG plotter, sample data files, one day of training at MRA, a 180 page User's Manual and support by MRA. MRA's intent is to ensure that the purchaser can take full advantage of the simulation.

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