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FSAE Tire Test Consortium



The FSAE Tire Test Consortium (FSAE TTC) is a volunteer-managed organization of member schools who pool their financial resources to obtain high quality tire force and moment data targeted for Formula SAE and Formula Student competitions.  The FSAE TTC's role is to gather funds from registering member schools, organize & conduct tire force & moment tests and make the data available to individuals at member schools.

The FSAE TTC is co-directed and managed by the following volunteers:

  • Dr. Edward M. Kasprzak  (EMK Vehicle Dynamics LLC, Milliken Research Associates, and FSAE Design Judge)  -- liaison with Calspan TIRF and MRA, tire test coordinator, data distribution, secure forum registration 
  • Douglas Milliken (Milliken Research Associates, FSAE Design Judge) -- FSAE TTC treasurer, member school registration, donated this web space
  • Dr. Bob Woods (University of Texas Arlington, FSAE founding member) -- general project consultation, some liaison with tire companies

Brian Seater (formerly of Washington State University) developed and maintains a secure forum for dissemination of the test data and the open discussion of all things FSAE TTC at   Individuals at TTC member schools may request a forum username—instructions are on the opening page of the above link.  From 2009 through June 2016 this forum was hosted by Washington State University.  The FSAE TTC thanks WSU for their involvement.

Denny Trimble (University at Washington) was also an FSAE TTC co-founder and director.  The FSAE TTC thanks Denny for his considerable contributions and wishes him well in his current endeavors.

Additionally, the FSAE TTC is supported by:

Note:  The FSAE TTC is not affiliated with Milliken Research Associates, Inc.  We thank FSAE Design Judge Doug Milliken for donating this webspace and agreeing to oversee TTC finances.



Universities (schools) join the FSAE TTC at a cost of US$500 as per the conditions below.  In return, individuals from member schools are granted access to all tire data measured by the FSAE TTC via individual usernames at the FSAE TTC private forum.  To date, nine rounds of testing have been completed and additional tests may follow as time and finances allow. 

Tire data includes tire force/moments and spring rate info as described below, for more technical detail please see the SAE paper by Kasprzak and Gentz.



The first round of testing at Calspan was conducted on 27-29 July 2005.  Five constructions were tested:

  • Hoosier 20x6-13 R25A
  • Hoosier 20x7-13 R25A
  • Hoosier 18x6-10 R25A
  • Goodyear 20x6.5-13 R065
  • Goodyear 20x7-13 R065

The second round of testing at Calspan was conducted in early February 2006.  Five constructions were tested:

  • Goodyear 18x6.5-10
  • Hoosier 20.5x7.0-13
  • Hoosier 20.5x6.0-13
  • Avon 7.2/20.0-13
  • Avon 6.2/20.0-13

The third round of testing at Calspan was conducted in early August 2007.  Four constructions were tested on two or three rim widths each:

  • Michelin 16/53-13 (radial, "B" compound)
  • Hoosier 20.5x7-13 R25A
  • Hoosier 20x7.5-13 R25A
  • Goodyear  D2692 20x7-13

The fourth round of testing at Calspan was conducted in mid-October 2009.  Six constructions were tested, each on two different rim widths:

  • Dunlop 175/505R13
  • Goodyear 20.0x7.0-13 “D2696”
  • Hoosier 20.5x6.0-13 R25B
  • Hoosier 20.5x7.0-13 R25B
  • Hoosier 20.0x7.5-13 R25B
  • Michelin 16/53-13 “Radial X S6B”

The fifth round of testing at Calspan was conducted in late-February 2012.  Five constructions were tested, each on two different rim widths:

  • Continental 205 / 510 R13  M34
  • Goodyear D2704  20.0x7.0-13
  • Hoosier 20.5 x 7.0 - 13  R25B
  • Hoosier 18.0 x 6.0 - 10  R25B
  • Hoosier 6.0 / 18.0 - 10  LCO

The sixth round of testing at Calspan was conducted in early-May 2015.  Six constructions were tested, each on two different rim widths:

  • Continental 205/510R13 (4914)
  • Hoosier 20.5 x 6.0 13 R25B A2500 (Item 43127)
  • Hoosier 20.5 x 7.0 13 R25B A2500 (Item 43163)
  • Hoosier 18.0 x 7.5 10 R25B  (Item 43105)
  • Hoosier 18.0 x 6.0 10 R25B (Item 43101) – partial retest
  • Hoosier 6.0 / 18.0 10 LCO C2000 (Item 41100) – partial retest

The seventh round of testing at Calspan was conducted in March 2016.  These tests were a continuation of Round 6 and were funded by the Cooper Tire & Rubber Company [which is now part of Goodyear].  Four constructions were tested, each on two different rim widths:

  • Avon 7.0/16.0-10
  • Avon 6.2/20.0-13
  • Avon 7.2/20.0-13
  • Avon 8.2/20.0-13

The eighth round of testing at Calspan took place from July 30-August 1, 2018.  The following constructions were tested, each on two different rim widths:

  • Continental 43329, 205/470R-13
  • Goodyear D2704, 20.0X7.0 13
  • Hoosier 43070, 16.0 x 6.0 - 10, LCO
  • Hoosier 43070, 16.0 x 6.0 - 10, R25B
  • Hoosier 43075, 16.0 x 7.5 - 10, LCO
  • Hoosier 43075, 16.0 x 7.5 - 10, R25B

A ninth round of testing at Calspan took place from January 17-21, 2022.  The following constructions were tested, each on two different rim widths:

  • Goodyear D0571 18 X 6.5 – 10
  • Goodyear D2704 20.0 X 7.0 – 13 (Retest from Round 8)
  • Hoosier 43070 16 x 6.0 – 10 R20
  • Hoosier 43075 16 x 7.5 – 10 R20
  • Hoosier 43100 18 x 6.0 – 10 R20
  • Hoosier 43164 20.5 x 7.0 – 13 R20
  • MRF 18 x 6.0 – 10 ZTD1

All testing was performed on rims obtained from Keizer Aluminum Wheels and Diamond Racing Wheels.

Testing in Rounds 4-9 was much more extensive than in the first three rounds of testing.  Rounds 6 and 7 ran identical test matrices, and Round 8 was nearly identical to Round 6 & 7.  The Round 9 test matrices were identical to Round 8.  A full description of the Round 9 test plan can be found in the guide to the Round 9 data.  New in Rounds 6 & 7 were low-speed transient tests and slip angle/ratio sweeps at multiple velocities.  Camber (inclination) sweeps were new in Round 8.

FSAE TTC members can download data from all rounds of testing via the FSAE TTC secure forum

In general, data is collected in a series of sweeps.  Slip angle sweeps--where the slip angle varies from near-zero to a maximum, through zero to a minimum and back to zero--are used for lateral force data.  Slip ratio sweeps are used for tractive/braking data.  Sweeps are taken at fixed values of inclination angle, inflation pressure, road velocity and normal load.  A collection of sweeps at different values of these set points composes the test matrix.

Tests are conducted on the Calspan Tire Research Facility flat-belt tire test machine using 120 grit belt paper and a nominal velocity of 25 mph.  Static and Dynamic (rolling) spring rate tests are run in conjunction with the lateral force tests. 

Note that the details of the tests (specific loads, inclination angles, etc.) are revised in each round of testing, but the spirit of the tests remain unchanged.  Members may send a representative to witness any future tests in person (interested parties please contact Dr. Kasprzak for details).  Video of some testing is available.



Data was collected at 10-100Hz.  Output channels include:

  • Elapsed Time
  • Road Velocity
  • Slip Angle
  • Inclination Angle
  • Slip Ratio
  • Normal Load
  • Lateral Force
  • Longitudinal Force
  • Aligning Torque
  • Overturning Moment
  • Loaded Radius
  • Effective Radius
  • Wheel RPM
  • Tire Pressure
  • Tire Surface Temperature (3 locations on the tread)
  • Ambient Temperature
  • Road Surface Temperature

Data is provided via the FSAE TTC private forum in both USCS and SI units.  Data is provided in both ASCII (spreadsheet ready) and Matlab formats.  Models of the data or modeling tools donated by various users may be posted on the private forum—they are not provided by the FSAE TTC.



Use of the FSAE TTC data requires agreement to these terms.  In short, individuals at member schools are free to use this data in the design and construction of their FSAE entries, other school projects and related academic activities.  Any publication or presentation of the tire data must acknowledge Calspan Corporation and the FSAE TTC.  Individuals and teams are prohibited from donating or selling the data to any other individual, group, team or university, or posting it on the internet.  Membership is assigned to the registering school, not an individual or team at that school.  Individuals not associated with a particular school may join the FSAE TTC at the discretion of the directors.  The data may not be used in any commercial application.



The FSAE TTC collects contact information for each registered consortium member.  This information will only be used for TTC-related purposes and will never be shared beyond the TTC Directors.  Username requests on require submission of a valid, personal, university-domain e-mail address (no team domains or company domains).  The TTC Directors will occasionally e-mail you with TTC bulletins.  Your e-mail address will never be shared beyond the TTC Directors.  Your e-mail address must be able to receive TTC e-mails to keep your username active.



Registration remains open.  Individuals at member schools can access data from all rounds of testing and any future tests conducted by the FSAE TTC via individual usernames on the FSAE TTC private forum.

Member school registration involves completion of the Registration Form and submission of the registration fee.  To access the data, individuals at a member school may request their personal username at the FSAE TTC private forum.

Finances are overseen by FSAE Design Judge Doug Milliken, who wrote the following:

Hello to FSAE/FS Teams from Doug Milliken:

At the request of Dr. Bob Woods (UTA), Dr. Edward Kasprzak (MRA) and Mr. Denny Trimble (UW), I have agreed to keep track of funds to support force and moment tire testing at Calspan.  For their part, our good friends at Calspan's Tire Research Facility have agreed to run the tests at a special "student" rate.

Please read this entire note carefully before you send any money.  If there are any questions, please send to Dr. Kasprzak and then watch this space for an update.

I.  Ground Rules

The "FSAE Tire Test Consortium" (FSAE TTC) will operate as follows:

1.  Schools (and any other interested parties) contribute to a common fund.  The contribution amount is currently fixed at US$500.00.

2.  From time to time I will update the account spreadsheet that lists all the consortium finances.  Open with MS-Excel or the free Open Office "Calc".
3.  When sufficient funds have been collected, Dr. Kasprzak (and others) will work with Calspan TIRF to test the tires and I will use money from the fund to pay for the tests and other incidental expenses such as mailing costs.  This should run the bank account down to nearly a zero balance (but see below).

4.   At the completion of the tests, Dr. Kasprzak will make all the data available to all the contributors.  Raw tire data is rare and quite valuable, I suggest that individual teams nominate one person to keep the data private and secure (not posted on websites, etc!).

5.  Excess funds will be applied to future tire tests.  When the time comes to dissolve the FSAE TTC, remaining funds will be put toward prizes given at the FSAE Competitions.

II.  Joining the FSAE TTC

Payment must accompany registration.  Due to problems with electronic fund transfers I am only accepting checks / drafts.  The USA banking system does not "play nicely" with other parts of the world.  Problems have included extra hidden fees (at originating banks and intermediate banks), incomplete information supplied by my bank, and many other unique and time-consuming problems.  For non-USA schools, please read the following carefully--the check MUST be:

Make the check payable to:

  Douglas Milliken, c/o FSAE Tire Test Consortium

Include a printout of the FSAE TTC registration form so I can identify your school and mail (post) to me at:

  Douglas Milliken
  245 Brompton Road
  Buffalo, NY 14221

Alternately, Western Union will transfer funds electronically--send to Douglas Milliken at the address above.  Make the transfer in USD, paying all fees (so TTC receives the full USD $500).  Then email me the exact first and last (family) names of sender and Control Number.  You can verify the transfer by using the Western Union "Track a Transfer" feature.

If your University requires it, we have prepared a price quote and an invoice (available on request).

IMPORTANT:  To complete your registration download and complete the
Registration Form.  Submit this form to Dr. Kasprzak .  Your registration information will be included in the online financial spreadsheet.

III.  Contribution by Milliken Research Associates, Inc.

MRA is pleased to donate the following to the FSAE TTC:

1.  Handle the finances as described above.

2.  Web space.  Please watch for progress updates (financial and technical) and answers to any questions.

3.    Nondimensional coefficient models of the tire data, including a small Matlab program to expand the coefficients back into data for plotting or for use in other analysis, were supplied for the first few Rounds of test data.  Search the FSAE TTC private forum if interested.  Race Car Vehicle Dynamics (and Race Car Vehicle Dynamics: Problems, Answers and Experiments) Chapter 14 have additional details.



Thanks to Doug Milliken and Milliken Research Associates, Inc. for providing the space for this public TTC webpage.


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